2002 Chevy Avalanche

Sail Panel Windows added. Picture taken 04-24-2005

Torsion keys added. Level ride.

Used Protectant 303 on cladding, rubber seals, and the interior trim 12-30-2004

Front shot after the protectant was used

And another shot after it was protected

12-26-2004 below

Vent Visors installed (in channel type)

Nicklaus checking out the Avalanche. 12-12-2004

Scott & Brian's avalanche's at Wilderness lodge WDW

Z-71 Off Road Package

5.3 Vortec

2002 Model Cabin Air Conditioning Filter Change Instructions

(2003,4 and 5 models do not have the cabin air filters)

GM's part numbers:
52485513 - In cabin air filters (2 per pack)
12489479 - In cabin air filters (charcoal)
NAPA is 4805
Fram is CF8791
AC-Delco is C104
Purolator is C15388

HVX Real Tree Avalanche shown at WDW's Epcot (Test Track)

PDF of 2002 Avalanche 1500 2x4 or 4x4 Body Lift Kit from Performance Acc.

FILE 1     FILE 2    FILE 3    FILE 4    FILE 5


Radio Double Din Mod

Tailgate Power Lock Kit Install on my 02

Cargo Light Switch Mod on my 02

Stowage Box Cable Fix

Daytime Running Light Mod

Torsion Bar Mod



Sail Light Install

Sail Panel Windows




Bithlo Florida Mud Bogg's 04-15-2005

Brian's Avalanche * Brian's Pickup * Daniel's Dually * David's Dually * George's Pickup * Gregg's Trucks * John's Jimmy * Lori's Pickup * Sabrina's Pickup * Scott's Avalanche * Scott's Blazer
My Blazer Axle Change 
4X4 Video Clip in Port St John, Florida


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