Tailgate Power Lock Kit Install

(Shown here on the 2002 Chevy Avalanche)

(it also works with later models)


By Dyno Products bought at www.truckgadets.com

Instructions, pictures, and video from Dyno

Here is the first hour of work on my Avalanche

The complete kit (long bar does not belong in kit that I can tell)

First step. Take the two star bolts off at the far ends

That takes off the cover, with a little pulling to take the two lower clips off

Here it is off

Back side

Lock mechanism that will not be used anymore

Lock hook taken off

Template included in the kits instructions.

The start of cutting into my avalanche, took my time with this. Use a good dremel.

Almost cut......

Done. This cut does not have to be perfect. Just don't cut more then needed.

Two 1/8 inch holes drilled

Closer look at them. They will be for the self tapper screws into the actuator bracket

The actuator hook

Fishing for a wire

Actuator attached

Closer look


Tailgate up on top

Hole drilled on bottom of tailgate, its all fiberglass

Cover back on. Time for the running of the wires

Decided I wanted the tailgate to only unlock when I pressed the button twice.

Attached to tan and gray wires. Done. Works perfect!!!!!


Watch the dyno video. It is very good if you want to get a better look at what you have to do.


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