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Conversion of the 1 1/2 din sized radio opening to the now standard double din.


The 2002 Avalanche was the only model that did not include the double din sized radio opening. Many changes were made after the 2002 model.


The Avalanche line was discontinued in 2013.

Adding a double din stereo is not a simple project but is well worth the time and effort 












2002 Chevy Avalanche

Double Din Radio Mod

Replacement Bezel from a 2003-2006

Bottom is original bezel

Original radio cage

Radio cage from a 2003-2006

Bezel removed

AC control panel removed

Stereo removed

Radio cage removed - Came out in many broken pieces

Removing the metal rear brace. Remove nut

Remove rivit - I broke mine off

Brace removed. Also remove the screw on the bottom of the dash.

Everything removed

Removed power outlet door

Remove the plastic tabs

Test fit bezel

Another view - as you can see the bezel is lower then original

Test fit the AC control panel

Slight trimming of the radio cage on each side

Test fit for AC controls

Mant test fits for the AC controls

The AC controls have to be adjusted to fit so lots of tests

More test fits for the AC controls and Ashtray

Ashtray marked for cutting

Before trimming 

Trimming to bezel to fit the AC control panel

Test fit


Radio Double Din Mod

Tailgate Power Lock Kit Install on my 02

Cargo Light Switch Mod on my 02

Stowage Box Cable Fix

Daytime Running Light Mod

Torsion Bar Mod



Sail Light Install

Sail Panel Windows


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