The Space Shuttle Atlantis

August 8th, 2006


Lightning Strike on pad


Here are some launch pictures from my good friend Andy.






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STS-89 Atlantis Night Launch

STS-114 Discovery Return to Flight

STS-121 Discovery (were back!!!)

STS-115 Atlantis

STS-116 Discovery (Night Launch)

STS-117 Atlantis

STS-118 Endeavour

STS-123 Endeavour

STS-119 Discovery

STS-128 Discovery

STS-131 Discovery

STS-132 Atlantis

STS-133 Discovery

STS-134 Endeavour

STS-135 Atlantis

Last Flyby of the Space Shuttle Endeavour




Want to feel a some G's and get an idea what it feels like to launch into space, well ride Epcot's Mission Space. What a feeling.


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