The HP ZE4200/4300 Internal & External Pictures

(will probably apply to other models like the 4400,4500,4600)

Video Clip (right click to save)

PDF Manual to disassemble laptop


The Exterior


My specs

AMD XP CPU 2400 "barton" 1.8 ghz

1 gig ram

Video set to 128 megs ram

added a 40 gig Toshiba 5400 rpm drive

built in floppy

built in cd-rw/dvd drive

built in wireless

built in modem

built in network

15 inch TFT screen 1024x768

ATI Radeon video chipset 320

(Bios lets you up the video ram to 128 megs)

Built in firewire IEEE 1394

And questions, just let me know. I also have these pictures in much higher resolution if you need to zoom in better.

Just email me anytime!!! Thanks


The Interior

Thanks for looking and I hope these pictures have helped everyone.



My HP Ipaq 5400 problem


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