at Tinkerbell's Treasures at Fantasyland

Tinkerbell's Treasures store has been remodeled. This is no longer in the building.


If you are lucky enough to visit this store at the Magic Kingdom then find the dresser and the one hollow keyhole.

You have to time it just right but if you keep looking into the keyhole you will see Tinkerbell.

(remember look towards the right inside the keyhole)

Video clip of her in the drawer - wmv

Video clip of her in the drawer in slow motion - mp4

Video clip of her from the box - wmv

Video clip of her from the box - mp4

A view from Tinkerbell's flight from the castle

Cinderella Castle 50th Celebration

Cinderella Castle pictures


Here is a special clip of Tinkerbell in a lantern. 06-2009

Hard to take pictures of Tink in the lantern.

Tinkerbell drawn by our waiter, Marco, at the German pavilion 01-2007


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