Like the Contemporary Resort, each fully equipped room was assembled at a facility four miles away and transported to the resort on flatbed trucks. Each room weighs approximately 8.5 tons and was lifted into the three-story frames with cranes.

When the resort opened in 1971, a wave-making machine created artificial waves that crashed onto the beach. Although it added to the authentic South Seas feel of the resort, it also created rapid beach erosion. Operation of the wave machine ceased shortly afterwards. The machine had been located on Beachcomber Island, across the way. If you look at the island while on the boat to the Magic Kingdom or Grand Floridian, you can see where the wave machine used to be.

According to the November 1971 issue of Eyes and Ears "The wave making machine in the Seven Seas Lagoon is now undergoing testing. It is located on the west side of Beachcomber Isle and will create waves from four inches to four feet breaking on to Surfrider Beach. Surf Boards and instructions will be available through the hotel Recreation and Reception Desks.