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Wedding Day

Congratulations!!!!! Click for wedding pictures

Congratulations Christy and Michael!!!!

Mr & Mrs

November 6th, 2010




Just a couple weeks later she was born :)

our picture together. So little.

(Aunt) Dorothy, Jean (grandma), Christy, & (Aunt) Sheryl

Mom, Grandma, and Christy

Dorothy, Angelo, (grandma) Jean, and (uncle) Steven

(Aunt) Sheryl

Jean and Christy at Christy's great grandparents house 1-1987

Mommy and Daughter :)

Jim (grandpa) and Christy

Christy and her first Teddy Bear

Christy's first Christmas

Mom and Dad with a crazy balloon, she was not interested.

Heidi (mommy), Christy, and (Aunt) Kelly in Titusville

Heidi, Christy, and (Uncle) Scot in Titusville

(Aunt) Kelly and Christy in Titusville

Heidi, Scot, Kelly, and Christy in Titusville.....  Heidi what did you say to your sister?

Christy and Grandma in Titusville

Grandma and Christy in Titusville

Daniel and Christy                

Christy - honing her driving skills, look no seatbelt, sheesh

Hmmmmm what could I get into?     

oops their watching, I didn't do it.

Daniel & Christy in Orlando

father and daughter after a busy day, we're beat after a day of running around in the field

Little Mickey's on her pants :)

Daniel, Christy, and Mommy in Orlando

I'm so far away you cant get me now.......Orlando at Sadler Elementary

Peek-a-Boo..... St Augustine


Love you little one

I'm gonna start it, don't make me do it, again no seat belt :)

Scrunchy face :)

What a cutie.

Buckethead :)

3rd Birthday party


First Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

First Communion 4th grade

Fifth Grade

Eight Grade


Two Years

Four Years


Jamie & Christy 2003

Christy 2003

Susan & Christy 2003

Christy & Susan 2004

Kelly & Christy

Katie - Megan - Christy- Cindy - Jamie - Susan 2005

Christy and Susan




M-I-C "c" ya real soon, K-E-Y "y" because we like ya

Mother and Daughter

Mom and her daughters ----lots of rain 11-2007

Scott and the girls.

Sisters :)

Scott, Jamie, Christy, and Susan ---The Magic Kingdom





Assorted Pictures


Award for Christy's Essay


Christy & Uncle Scot

Christy attacking Jim

Christy & Susan, a couple of cuties

Jamie, Christy, and Susan, Triple cute

Mommy and Daughter

Field Hockey Freshman

Field Hockey Senior

Uncle Scot, Christina, & Aunt Katherine

Susan and Christy 2001. Woohoo

Thrilled about school

dont touch me

Jamie, Scott, Christy 11-2007.....happy 21st birthday Christy!!

Jamie and Christy

WDW Boardwalk Resort 04-2008

Cocoa Beach 04-2008

The Girls 04-2008

Christy and Michael 2008

09-2009 Dad's favorite picture

Jamie Mike Christy Heidi Susan Scott and Bill up font at the Polynesian Resort 2009


Thank you Heidi for spending so much time scanning and sending so many of these pictures.

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