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The love of the American family was one that Walt carried more than almost any other.  He felt strongly about the ties that had bound that same family together for centuries, and the way that different generations adapted to their surroundings.  Now, at a time when so many of those ties have been broken in so many different ways, and the focus of the vast majority of  our society has shifted from the "we" to the "I," we're on the verge of losing a great resource that promotes the same idea of American perseverance that Walt Disney himself tried so often to convey.

It has been rumored as of late that, in the coming years, Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress will stop turning and fall in the path of "progress" itself. Replaced by a new "Flying Saucers" attraction, one of the last jewels of Walt's own imagination will be lost forever.

Before the words "Walt Disney" became the name of the world's second largest entertainment company, those words were the name of a man.  It seems more and more that the people who make such insignificant decisions as deciding what goes where, and why it should be there, are forgetting about him.  Little do they realize that there are more things involved in the creation of  a place such as the Magic Kingdom than just numbers and statistics.  

I myself find merit in the corners of the parks not ventured into by the thrill seekers.  "Pirates of the Caribbean" has numbers comparable to the Carousel, yet it wouldn't ever be removed - as well it shouldn't.  There are some decisions that you make with sentimental influence - this is one of them.

Some may say that sentimental value isn't enough to go on.  Well, friends, that's all we have to go on.  My family has been to Walt Disney World at least once a year since it opened, and sometimes twice, three times, four times, or even five.  And we're from Northern Kentucky.  I'm sure that many of you tell a similar tale.  Not once have we missed the "Carousel of Progress," and then walked around the parks all day belting out, "Great Big, Beautiful Tomorrow," and for most of our lives "Now is the Time."  And as financial supporters of the company, the people who made it as big as it is today, we all deserve at least the chance to have our opinions considered, and yes, even our emotions, too.

If you share the same opinions, or have different reasoning for why you feel the "Carousel of Progress" should remain in the Magic Kingdom, feel free to sign our petition.  Who knows, maybe together we can save this great piece of modern American history.

Thank you for your support,

Jacob M. Addison Site Founder

Tom Ortalano Co-Founder



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