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  I saw it twice at Disneyland in 1971 or '72 when I was 6 or 7 years old. Unfortunately, it was removed after that and the Magic Kingdom has never quite had the same magical feeling since. Although, America Sings wasn't too bad.
Animatronics is where the magic is, not video games. However, Tom Morrow of Innoventions is lame! I believe the whole idea of animatronics is to simulate a real-life person or animal by using robotics, not create a robot that looks and acts like a faulty machine. I'll never set foot in Innoventions again--it's a waste of time. I could have more fun on my home computer. It's amazing how little substance can be contained in such a large building. Whereas, Pirates of the Caribbean is loaded with detail and seems to occupy no space at all. I would ride through Carousel of Progress 10 times straight. Carousel of Progress was a RIDE--it moved--that makes a difference. Bring back the Carousel! ...and bring back the miniature model of the City of Tomorrow (or Progress City).
I will make a trip to Florida to see the Carousel...IF I can be assured it will be operating when I get there. Andrew S


  SO SO SO happy to see that the COP is now open full time. Goes to show you that the classic Walt attractions do survive far beyond the newer attractions. Does that not say something Mr. Eisner? Sally R


  What would Disney World be without the Carouselof Progress. It would be like closing down It's a Small World. That ride shows how far we have come in progress. I have been on that ride with people of all ages and it always reminds them of the way things were when they were kids. Pam H


  I love the Carousel of Progress. I have loved the show ever since I can remember. It sticks out in my mind as one of Walt's crowning works and a gem at the Magic Kingdom. I would never forgive the Disney company if they were to lose this show. They already took away Horizons from us and are threatening to take away Spaceship Earth. They can't take away our Carousel too. There is far too much history, love, and hard work that has gone into this production and to just let it go would be a sad waste. The Disney Company needs to realize that their audience wants these attractions and the only reason attendance ever drops is because of neglect to maintain on their part. I hope that they hear the voices of people who love the Carousel and keep one of Walt's last surviving dreams deserves the respect. Tony L


  First, several times at the New York World's Fair as a child.  My first time at Disneyland was after the Tomorrowland renovation in 1974.  I was saddened that by the time I had moved to L.A., it was replaced by "America Sings."  I only saw it once in    Florida shortly after it opened, and just last year again visited WDW after a 17 year gap.  I was mortified that COP was closed during my visit and only open holidays.  I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to revisiting it again.  I am thrilled now to hear that it is open on a regular basis.  I just might have to take a trip to WDW again soon!  Keep the COP, or better yet, bring it back to Anaheim to it's home!Richard


  Originally posted by A Kind Of Magic
Don't destroy "Carousel Of Progress" like they did "Horizons".

Why doesn't Disney put "Carousel Of Progress" back in Queens Flushing Meadows Park New York City?

It could be a walk through museum or placed in a storage facility because of all the space available.

Queens Flushing Meadows Park New York City is already a living museum with tons of information about the New York City Worlds Fair where "Carousel Of Progress"
first started as "Progress Land".


  I sure do hope COP is open the first week in December. The last two years we were not able to see this truly great american show. Why they feel they only need it open at certain times is beyond me. Why not move it EPCOT and refurbish it ? We have always loved seeing COP whenever we could. There has been several times where we watched the show several times back to back.


  Disney would be making a tragic mistake if they closed this attraction. It must remain for many to enjoy. Tommy R.


  Of the last 3 times that we've been to WDW, the CoP was closed 2.  I was so happy to see it open on our most recent trip!  My husband and I experienced it together and I've been humming the song ever since!  Keep the Carousel of Progress open! Mary J.


  Don't destroy the only attraction in the MK that has educational value. Walt would be so disappointed. Brenda G.


  This is my absolute favorite attraction in all of WDW.  Every time I am able to see this, I can't help but think of Mr. Disney and how it would sadden him to have this great attraction shut down.  this attraction must be saved. Darlene P.
  Originally saw it at the NY World's Fair, then visited it 20 or more times annually at Disneyland until it was replaced by America Sings. Saw it at WDW in 1981 (only visit to date). I'm sad I'll be missing it by a few days; we arrive August 19th, 2005! B.A. T.
  I love this ride. It's the only ride I remember from when I was a little kid. Maybe if they invested a little money into it and changed things in the scenes once in a while, more people would ride it. It's too bad they can't add more era's to the ride.. 1890.. 1920.. 1940.. 2000?.. that's becoming a big time jump.. it be great if they could add 60's and 80's.. but guess considering they want to shut it down that they would never invest and expand on Walt's greatest creation. Jason Q.
  Saw it first at the '64 fair. Saw it in '67 in Disneyland and many times more since at Disneyworld.  But i'm afraid the bean counters at Disney will eventually kill it. Henry U
  It is one of my favorite rides. They need to keep it. It is a classic ride and was started by walt disney. I was very disappointed in November when we went to ride it, I was surprised in was closed. Thank you Marcy T.


  We cannot let this classic die.  This is one ride that must live on in order to contineue to truly capture the essence of Walt Disney's vision .Kristy E


  This was always a DO NOT MISS attraction for our family.  I am very disappointed that now that my kids are old enough to really appreciate and learn from this wonderful attraction it probably will not be open for our upcoming trip.  Walt wanted a place where all members of a family can enjoy entertainment together.  COP fits this description a lot more so than the many "thrill" rides that WDW seems to be adding more and more lately!  Keep COP open year round!!! Please!!! monica h


  I take my grandchildren to Disney World every year around Easter and I enjoy taking them to the Carousel of Progress.  It is relaxing, as well as very enjoyable.  I enjoy showing my grandchildren, as well as seeing for myself, how much the lives of Americans has changed over the years. Please do not shut it down so many future generations have the chance to experience it! Thank you. Darlene G


  I have not been to Disneyworld since the late 70's, but I always will remember the Carousel of Progress.Watching you're tape brought back alot of memories, thank you. james k


  I love the COP, and vist DW at least 5 times a year (Vac. club member)  Every time I'm there (all seasons) the COP is closed. Donald J. T


  I love the COP! Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow was the recessional at my Disney wedding!!! Jennifer E


  This attraction should be a crown jewel in The Walt Disney Company's possession, yet they deam it a low attendance attraction and would rather remove it and replace a part of Walt's legacy.  Shame on Eisner and The Walt Disney Company.  SAVE THE CAROUSEL!!!!!! Joseph S


  I think progress a good thing.  I think the term progress suggests a change for the better.  Demolishing the carousel of Progress would not be progress, as it would not be, ultimatly, a change for the better.  It still has value as a teaching tool and in entertainment value.  Move it if you will, but do not destroy it. Rose F


  This ride is a part of my childhood, I never miss a chance to ride it...except if they have it closed. If I can't ride it, it really puts a downer on my visit to Disneyworld. It would be a shame to lose this ride for future generations. Eric B


  I love this and would hate to see it removed!  I was already disappointed recently in Orlando to go and find out that it has a limited seasonal schedule.  That was the first place I went and was so excited to get to see it again - only to be disappointed! Linda B


  We love COP. My wife saw it at the NY World's Fair.
It is sad what Disney has done to Walt's Memory and Dreams. Everything they now do is for the sake of the Almighty Dollar instead of for their loyal guests who have supported them all of these years.
The Disney company has forgotten about the family and it is really too bad.
We hope that COP will return full time. 7 days/ week and 365/year. Andy K


  First time I saw this was at the 1964 Worlds Fair.  Loved it then and still love it.  Miss it though.  Ironically we haven't seen it since the 100 Years of Magic - hmmm - Walt's baby from beginning to end and they celebrate him by taking away COP. Denise A. K


  This attraction should never go away. I was so glad to see it open during Easter week. My 5 year old daughter is still singing the song. David K


  Saw it in 1964.  Everytime we go to DisneyWorld, we take the children and tell them about the Fair, and Walt Disney's eye for the future.  Please preserve this wonderful and timeless item. Fred P


  Everytime I go, It is closed down! Joel F


  We here in Southern California lost this to Florida some years ago. It would be a tragedy to lose it entirely.Steven M


  I grew up in Florida, and have been to all three versions of the show. I recently took my 6 year old son to his first showing of the Carousel, and he really enjoyed it.Andrue


  Carousel of Progress left California years before I was born, and I want to be able to see it when I visit Walt Disney World someday. If I fulfill my dream of becoming an Imagineer, I'll do my best to keep it spinning! Evan


  The CoP was one of my favorite attractions in the park- something that my whole family could enjoy together. My father especially loved it, as he finally could see it again after thirty years when it was the highlight of his World's Fair visit. Jenny F


  I miss the song "Now is the time",  That was the song I remember when I first visited in 1985. Please, don't replace the C.O.P., It brings back good memories for all ages. JASON


I grew up in Los Angeles and remember vividly when the Carousel moved from Disneyland to Florida, I was crushed.  When visiting Florida for the first time 10 years ago, I cried through most of the showing of The Carousel Of Progress, yet was comforted knowing it was intact and ready to experience when I again traveled back to Orlando, which I have done 4 more times.  I sincerely hope and pray that the one and only, genuine, and completely original Walt Disney's Carousel Of Progress will still be turning when I visit this year.  I thank you very much for your efforts.  Michael


SAVE THE COP...Why not close a "Small World" and Cinderella's Castle while you're at it? Seems to be the "New Disney" trend these days. UNFORGIVABLE! Sally R


I just hate to see the company take away any of the original parts that Walt touched. I know the argument is that he loved change and progress but we have to save as many of his original ideas as possible.


I don't think Disney realizes how popular the attraction is. I know I would not make family plans to go to WDW unless the COP was in operation. Why don't they find a sponsor. That seems to be the real problem here. If they had the sponsor, the attraction would always be open without a doubt. Notice the only two attractions closed seasonally are the COP and Timekeeper...both sponsorless!!! COME ON can do better! Matt


It seems that what started out as a fresh novel idea by a small group of creative people has become an evil empire bent on destroying any vestige of it's original creators. Please stop this madness before everyone gets tired of the cold soulnessness of the "New Disney" and stops going altogether.

I love this attraction and would hate to see it gone. As a lon-time Disney park-goer and fan, I really appreciate the nostalga value of it. Disney should realize by now that a tremendous amount of memories have been accrued over the years by thousands of people who experienced this attraction and others of an earlier time. Two others I would bring back are If you had wings and Voyage Through Inner Space (Disney Land).


I look forward to riding this every year, but its no longer open when I go....I try not to go in the peak seasons, so I can enjoy the World and all its glory. Please keep it open, its my favorite ride.


This is one of the last vestiges of the true Walt vision. We love this ride, and will be down at Disney on 11/27-30/02 and 12/17-20/02. We would love to see this show again!!! Save the COP!!


The Carousel of Progress in one of the few things in WDW that is truly "WALT DISNEY".  For the WDW Co. to remove the ride would be a travesty to the creator himself.  To me the removal of COP would send a message to the visitors that Walt is nothing more than a name they use not an inventor or and inspiration to the youth of the world that no matter how many times you fail that you must keep trying.  If Walt had given up there would be no WDW and nothing for the current money hungry power people to make this $ off of.  Ok, so its my rant but its also my opinion.


Save cop.  Please don't shut it down or destroy it like Horizons. 

Thank you


Looking at the COP video brought back incredible memories.  I saw the COP at the NY worlds fair and I thought it was the best attraction. Then when I heard they had moved it to WDW I was thrilled. We would go up to WDW 4 or 5 times a year just to see the COP !!  The last time we went on the ride it broke down twice. I could not believe how WDW had let this wonderful attraction deteriorate. It makes me sick what they have done. Thank you so much for bringing the COP attraction to the internet. Every weekend I watch it and the songs actually  give me goose bumps. What great memories, thanks again. Mark


This ride is a glance back into our history as a country that pursued the advancement to technology.  Kids today need to be reminded of how people lived prior to cell phones, computers and remote controls.  Might make them better appreciate the things they have now.  COP is my all-time favorite ride.  I can still remember the first time I was at WDW and wanted to ride it again & again.  Please, do not close this exhibit.  It is the last thing remaining of Walt Disney.  With the closure of Horizons (another original concept by Walt) and World of Motion at Epcot, Walt's legacy on technology and dreaming of new things yet to come are quickly going away.  Keep Walt alive through the COP ride.  It is great for all - young & old!!!


I love this ride. It's a classic which Disney is seeming to forget about. All the classics are slowly but surely leaving, hopefully this one will stay to entertain generations to come.


We have been to wdw many times & cop was always on the top of the list. We just got back & two years in a row now it was closed. We pay top money to go to wdw & expect everything we pay for. We were there 12/9-12/16 & it was CROWED so it should have been open. They keep telling us Dec. is a good time to go, then close some of attractions. C.O.P is Walt Disney. Leave it alone.


I first saw the COP about a dozen years ago with its "Now is the Time" theme before returning to its original "Great Big Beautiful tomorrow" theme. I guess a lot of it does have to do with nostalgia but    it also has a character to it that links generations of families together. It really is a signature attraction of WDW, at least the legacy that once was. I don't know if its a question of maintenance cost or whatever, all I know is that every "new and improved" attraction that comes along fizzles out just as fast as it comes, "EPCOT, Journey into Imagination" take note. All I know is that The COP is an attraction that I always look forward to seeing and I'm sadly disappointed not getting the opportunity to see it because of who knows why. Please, don't screw up again.



we raised our girls at Disney world and the first attraction we always rushed to was the COP..Please do not let this great attraction go !!


I am a New York World's Fair enthusiast and it was that fair that has so much influence on my career today. The carousel of progress is a significant part of what influenced my interest in automated show in themed entertainment.
There should be a few things that are kept as your pride and joy and a link to one's past. COP is one such example.


I would actually consider going all the way to Florida just to see the Carousel of Progress and the Country Bear Jamboree, both are now gone from Disneyland.


Our family visits WDW at least once each year. The COP is ALWAYS an attraction on our MUST SEE list. During a recent visit, the COP was not operating and we were disappointed to learn this original attraction created by Walt himself may be closing forever! Rather than contemplating the replacement of a Disney original, we believe Walt's imagineers should be building an extension into the 21st century. This way future generations can continue to enjoy an attraction Walt himself created to help us understand as he did the importance of where we've been so we can envision where we're headed. The COP blends two of Walt's main themes in a relaxing and upbeat presentation that demonstrates how family and progress can successfully glide into the future together. When progress begins to encroach upon the very essence of that which it claims to stand for, it's obviously time for WDW to reevaluate exactly what it is that they do stand for. It is our sincere hope that Walter E. Disney's original values still drive the business and the COP has as many great big beautiful tomorrows as the world it exists in. Very truly yours, The Wood Family


This is a piece of American history that needs to be saved for future generations.  I want my grandchildren to enjoy the Carousel of Progress!


This was about the most heart rending opportunities I have had to review the things of my youth. It was absolutely wonderful to relive the that magic moment of my past.  I truly enjoyed hearing Rex Allen narrating the parts that I remember most. GOD BLESS AMERICA and may we all live to see a Bright and Beautiful Tomorrow.


Seems to me that people always revisit Walt Disney World time and time again. Not because of the new rides or attractions, but to remember the great times they had from previous visits. No matter how many years go by! The new attractions are a bonus to most visitors, but the Classic attractions are the draw. AND DAMED  the COP is one of the few memorable classics left. Leave it be, please! Shirley R.

This is a fantastic ride.  Its so interesting to see how the American family has changed over the years with the coming of new technologies.  The script is good, the settings are good, the animatronics are good.  I don't understand why they think this ride is doomed to be taken down.  It's a classic and Walt loved it.  That should count for something!
Save the Carousel of Progress! Rachel A.