Richard and Robert Sherman, writers of many of the most memorable Disney songs of all time, collaborated once again to write what would become the theme song for one of Walt's most enduring and endearing attractions, the Carousel of Progress.

"Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow," which made its debut along with the Carousel at the 64-65 World's Fair in New York, portrayed exactly the same idea as that of the show - "Tomorrow is just a dream away." As much as Walt loved this song, a new Sherman Bros. theme was introduced in 1978, after the COP's move to Walt Disney World. "Best Time of Your Life" became an instant favorite among guests at the Magic Kingdom, and ran up until 1994 when the original song was put back in place.

The Sherman Brothers and Walt Disney in a G.E. "Update" film.

Source: The Walt Disney Company, presented courtesy of Paul F. Anderson

Here at the new Audio Library, you will find many different versions of both Sherman Brothers' songs, as well as some other sound clips, all in Real Audio format.  Go ahead and tune in!

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