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Big Florida Country proudly presents......


Martin Smith's Historical & Extinct Disney Tribute Videos

Magic Kingdom Epcot Disney Hollywood Studios Animal Kingdom
Alien Encounter

Carousel of Progress

Disneyworld is your World

Enchanted Tiki Room WDW 2011 HD

Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management HD

Fantasyland WDW a History - Part  1 of 3

Fantasyland WDW a History - Part 2 of 3

Fantasyland WDW a History - Part 3 of 3

If you had Wings

Liberty Square a History Part 2 of 2 REG & FullRes

Mission to Mars

Pirates of the Caribbean and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad WDW Ultimate Tribute

Rap n Roll Show

Rivers of America WDW a History


Snow Whites Scary Adventures WDW Tribute HD

Space Mountain 2008

Space Mountain WDW 2009 HD

Splash Mountain WDW Tribute

Spectromagic Ultimate Tribute- Divx

Stage Shows and Parades

Timekeeper HQ

The Big Thunder Mountains

The Hall of Presidents 2009 HD

The Haunted Mansion WDW 2007

The Haunted Mansion WDW 2009 HD

The Magic The memories and You HD

Tianas Showboat Jubilee HD

Wishes from Fantasyland

Wishes Ultimate Tribute

American Adventure

American Adventure 82 tribute HQ

Captain EO widescreen (Michael Jackson)

Canada Ultimate Tribute v2

China at Epcot Center

China Updated Tribute

Communicore to Innoventions Ultimate Tribute 1 of 2

Communicore to Innoventions Ultimate Tribute 2 of 2

Ellens Energy Part One Crisis

Ellens Energy Part Two Adventure

Ellens Energy Adventure HD Ultimate Tribute

EPCOTs 25th Anniversary Part One

EPCOTs 25th Anniversary Part Two

Food Rocks Tribute

France at Epcot

Future World 1990 Walkaround

Honey I Shrunk the Audience HD

Horizons Ultimate Tribute

Illuminations The original Ultimate Tribute

Imagination 82 The Original Imageworks

Imagination 1999 and 2002 Ultimate Tribute

Impressions de France 2011 HD

Japan at EPCOT Ultimate Tribute

Kitchen Kabaret Tribute

Horizons Ultimate Tribute

Japan Ultimate Tribute

Journey into Imagination Ultimate Tribute

Listen to the Land a 2nd tribute

Magic Journeys 2D

Mexico at Epcot Ultimate Tribute

Mexico Ultimate Tribute

Mission Space Ultimate Tribute

Norway at Epcot

Norway at Epcot Ultimate Tribute HD

O Canada 2007 Updated Tribute

O Canada 2011 HD

Reflections of China 2011 HD

Reflections of Earth Ultimate Tribute

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth 82

Spaceship Earth 86 and Communicore Ultimate Tribute REG & FullRes

Spaceship Earth 1994 & Disneyvision VR Global Neighborhood REG & FullRes

Spaceship Earth 2007 Ultimate Tribute - Divx

SSE 86 180top re creation


Tapestry of Nations

Test Track Ultimate Tribute

Test Track 2012 HD Ultimate Tribute

The Land 1 of 3 1982 Ultimate Tribute

The Land 2 of 3 1993 Ultimate Tribute

The Land 3 of 3 2005 Ultimate Tribute

The Living Seas Ultimate Tribute With the Sea Cabs REG & FullRes

The Seas with Nemo and Friends Ultimate Tribute

True Colors

Universe of Energy Ultimate Tribute

Universe of Energy with Ellen

WDW Soarin Tribute

World of Motion Ultimate Tribute

Wonders of Life Ultimate Tribute Part 1 of 2

Wonders of Life Ultimate Tribute Part 2 of 2

WorldKey Information at Epcot Center

World of Motion


Back to Neverland

Block Party Bash DHS HD

Disney MGM Studios History Part 1 of 2

Disney MGM Studios History Part 2 of 2

Fantasmic! Highlights

Fantasmic WDW MUltimate Tribute

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Muppet vision 3d ultimate tribute

Original Theatre of the Stars HD

Rock n RollerCoaster WDW

Sorcery in the Sky

Star Tours A Tribute HQ

Star Tours HD Ultimate Tribute 1 of 2 HD

Star Tours HD Ultimate Tribute 2 of 2 HD

The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Disney MGM Studios 2nd edit

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at MGM

The Lottery

Tower Zone Terror of Terror WDW HD Ultimate Tribute

Dinosaur 2

Dinosaur at DAK Ultimate Tribute

Kilimajaro Safaris Ultimate Tribute

I am still uploading Martin's videos but remember all his videos are available online thru vimeo - items in "white" available on my website, items in "green" not uploaded at this time. Even though it would be easier for me to link his videos from vimeo I have decided to host as many as I can from within my website. I have seen so much data lost because websites shutting down in the last few years, so the more that provide the same information the better.

Compliments of Martin Smith's hard work. Please let him know how much you enjoyed his videos

These videos are web sized. If you would like to see one in full resolution please email me and I can add it the server.

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