The Twin Towers 1997

The World Trade Center NYC - We Should Never Forget! 911

From our 97 trip to New York

Never Forget!


Ten years later, April 2011, Osama Bin Laden is finally dead

I wanted to share this vacation video with everyone I took on July of 1997. It was an amazing ride up to the top.

If I remember correctly the elevator did at least 20 mph non stop. I also remember my ears popping half way up.


Video clip of the Twin Towers - MP4 July 24th 1997

Click here for a WMV video clip of the Twin Towers

Click here to download a WMV of the whole video clip

Ground Zero



Concept Picture (latest)

WTC Concept Nighttime


WTC Construction images as of March 2011

1-WTC March 2011

2-WTC March 2011

3-WTC March 2011

4-WTC March 2011

Overview March 2011

Twin Towers memorial March 2011



Concept Pictures (older)



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