Bay Lake Tower

At The Contemporary Resort

Bay Lake Tower and Contemporary 07-25-2009

06-05-2009 (Bay Lake Tower open's August)

02-07-2009 with Bay Lake Tower, forever changing the view




Demolition of the North Wing

The Start of the new DVC Resort


Link to info about Bay Lake Tower

Bay Lake Tower from the top floor of the Contemporary Resort 10-28-2008

Future DVC tower (as of 07-18-2008) more pics at the end of this webpage

Gregg & Loraine looking at the DVC construction 07-2007

Here is an artist conception of what the Contemporary DVC building will look like.

And 2 1/2 years after the above rendering was made, a picture I took on 02-07-2009


DVC permits online - Click here for PDF

Demo of the North Wing to make room for the new DVC tower 03/16/2007

Start of the new DVC tower at the Contemporary Resort 06-13-2007

More pics of the ongoing construction of the Contemporary DVC building. 07-28-2007

Contemporary Resort DVC construction update 09-16-2007


View from the Fort Wilderness area

Contemporary in the background from Space Mountain being built in 1973


The Walt Disney Resorts


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