Walt Disney World's Water Fleet


the monorail, resort boat, and a sea raycer near the Magic Kingdom



The Ferry Boats

(they move guests from the ticket and transportation center (TTC) to the MK and back again)

Admiral Joe Fowler

Richard K irvine

General Joe Potter


The Liberty Belle on the River's of America inside the Magic Kingdom

(this boat takes you on a ride to a simpler time)

video clip of the Princess Tiana show on the riverboat

Liberty Belle from Tom Sawyer's Island

Liberty Belle Paddling up the River's of America


The Resorts Boats on the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake - Resorts to the MK and back again

Mermaid I

Bon Voyage


The Sea Raycer

(two person watercraft)

can be rented at numerous Disney resorts

One of the "mouseboats" on the Seven Sea's Lagoon

Rental info at WDW



Fishing on Disney Lakes

Bass boat with the Contemporary in the background

Click here for more info on how and where you can fish at Disney

The old style mouse boats




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