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The Mickey Mouse Revue opened October 1st, 1971 and closed September 14th, 1980


Show time - 25


Replaced by Magic Journey's



Mickey Mouse - conductor

Minnie Mouse - violin

Daisy Duck - cello

Pluto - high-hat cymbal

Goofy - bass viola

Huey - trumpet

Dewey -trumpet

Louie - trumpet

Scrooge McDuck - ukulele

Mad Hatter - bass clarinet

March Hare - helps with bass clarinet


Winnie the Pooh - kazoo

Rabbit - slide whistle

Piglet - harmonica

Monty (city mouse) - clarinet

Abner (country mouse) - saxophone

Gus - trombone

Jaq - helps with trombone

Dumbo - tuba

Timothy - helps with tuba

Kaa - his own tail
King Louie - xylophone, timpani, etc.

Baloo - flute

And others like Brer Rabbit, Bear, and Fox


Mickey Mouse Revue

Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom



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The Mickey Mouse Revue - YouTube



The Mickey Mouse Revue - YouTube