Welcome SpaceX to Brevard County, FL





Successful launch of the Falcon 9/Dragon spacecraft on May 22nd 2012, it will dock with the International Space Station, Freedom.

Nasa's gallery page for Falcon/Dragon launch


Dragon docking with Space Station - MP4


Liftoff at Cape Canaveral Air Force station next to Kennedy Space Center - Launch Complex 40

Lift off May 22nd, 2012 3:44am of the Historic flight to the ISS

Astronauts on the ISS Freedom watching the launch

Approaching the ISS

The International Space Station crew is set to grapple the SpaceX Dragon capsule

80 meters and closing

Getting ready to grapple with the robotic arm

Successful capture of the Dragon by the ISS astronauts!!! May 25th, 2012 The first private spacecraft to visit the International Space Station, Freedom!!!

Dragon docked with the ISS Freedom



Congrats SpaceX on the successful launch of the Falcon 9/Dragon space craft - 12/08/2010

Lands on Target in the Pacific Ocean, 500 miles Off of the Coast of Southern California

SpaceX/NASA to Hold Post-Mission Press Conference at 3:30 PM EST

Cape Canaveral, FL – Today, SpaceX became the first commercial company in history to re-enter a spacecraft from low-Earth orbit.

SpaceX and NASA will have a post-mission press conference at 3:30 PM EST at the press site at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.



SpaceX launched its Dragon spacecraft into low-Earth orbit atop a Falcon 9 rocket at 10:43 AM EST from Launch Complex 40 at the Air Force Station at Cape Canaveral.

The Dragon spacecraft orbited the Earth at speeds greater than 17,000 miles per hour, reentered the Earth’s atmosphere, and landed in the Pacific Ocean shortly after 2:00 PM EST.

This marks the first time a commercial company has successfully recovered a spacecraft reentering from low-Earth orbit. It is a feat performed by only six nations or government agencies: the United States, Russia, China, Japan, India, and the European Space Agency.

It is also the first flight under NASA’s COTS program to develop commercial supply services to the International Space Station. After the Space Shuttle retires, SpaceX will fly at least 12 missions to carry cargo to and from the International Space Station as part of the Commercial Resupply Services contract for NASA. The Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft were designed to one day carry astronauts; both the COTS and CRS missions will yield valuable flight experience toward this goal.

Press Kit


Flacon 9

Falcon 9 test

The Dragon space lab

Dragon’s three main parachutes fully deployed. Below float two drogue parachutes which
deployed first to slow and stabilize the spacecraft.

Captured Dragon





Capsule Configurations

The Falcon - Size and Costs


Falcon9/Dragon launch 12/08/2010







Video from the SpaceX complex


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