The SLS (Space Launch System)


First test launch scheduled for 2017



SLS Nasa facts PDF


Cost per launch 500 million

Capacity 150,000 to 290,000 lbs

Launch Site KSC LC-39

First flight scheduled December 17th, 2017

Uses 2 space shuttle boosters (5 segment)



Proposed and unofficial launch schedule






SLS-1/EM-1 December 2017 Block I Send Orion/MPCV on unmanned trip around the Moon
SLS-2/EM-2 2021 Block I Send the Orion (spacecraft) with 4 astronauts to an asteroid that's been robotically captured and placed in lunar orbit two years in advance
SLS-3 August 2022 Block IA  
SLS-4 August 2023 Block IA  
SLS-5 August 2024 Block IA Mars Sample Return Mission
SLS-6 August 2025 Block IA Manned "Exploration" Mission: Orion BEO picks up Mars sample & returns to Earth
SLS-7 August 2026 Block IA Cargo launch
SLS-8 August 2027 Block IA Manned launch
SLS-9 August 2028 Block IA Cargo launch
SLS-10 August 2029 Block IA Manned launch
SLS-11 August 2030 Block IA New configuration, Cargo launch
SLS-12 August 2031 Block IA Manned mission
SLS-13 August 2032 Block II New configuration, Cargo launch








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