Our personal family pictures from Walt Disney World years ago

Sheryl Steven and Scott, middle late 70's

The Riverboat on Rivers of America

Sheryl, Steven, & Scott on the Dumbo's

Scott on the Dumbo's

20,000 leagues 1977

Here I am, 1990?

Sheryl and Barbara late 80's

Mr Toads's Wild Ride

Shaun late 80's maybe, you can still see the old Tomorrowland waterfall in the background

Shaun again

And once again :)

Here I am in the 90's ( I loved that hat, lost it on splash mountain sometime later)

Small World around 1990

Main Street around 1990

Living Seas Epcot around 1990

1990 or somewhere close

Spaceship Earth a long time ago.

Brittney, Justin, & Sheryl with Mickey 2000

Epcot - World of Motion (now Test Track) Shaun, Steven, Sheryl, Jean (mom)

Sheryl, Brittney, and Justin

Sheryl and Barbara

Justin and Brittney 06-17-2000


Brittney and Justin

Mom 06-17-2000


Steven and Sheryl

Shaun and Steven


Brittney and Justin 06-17-2000

Brittney and Justin meeting Mickey Mouse 06-17-2000

Splash Mountain Sheryl, Shaun, and Steven

Justin hiding spot

Epcot - World of Motion - Nice car Shaun, hahaha

Small World

David and Scott on the Kraken, SeaWorld, Florida



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