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To get marios faithful companion luigi in super smash bros melee beat the first stage of adventure mode with the time ending in 2(example:1:52).

To get mario as a doctor in super smash bros melee beat classic mode on any setting with mario and beat dr.mario.


Heres how to get extra wall kicks with mario! Use Mario's up+B attack next to a wall. After he uses it, wall kick (this is the tricky part and the timing can be very difficult). Then he will able to use his up+B attack again. You can repeat this and scale up large walls.

To get daisy (another princess in mario) go to peach press X or Y and it will change its color and change the color to brown hair and yellow dress and wa-la daisy is now playable!

to unlock Yoshi's Island Past (Classic N64 Yoshi Stage): in the Home Run Contest, use Yoshi to hit a home run over 1315 feet.

Well i hoped ya enjoyed my list of SSBM cheats (and just so ya know they all have to do with mario!) now lets get down to the classic mario!)


To change characters on super mario bros press select at area select you can choose from mario or luigi(this isnt really a cheat alot of people know about it :/).


well thats all i know about it :/ i will add more soon to website.


have fun!




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