My Left Ear

My Left Ear

Full-Res Video's




The Magic Kingdom


Captain Jack Sparrow

Jungle Cruise

Pirates of the Carribbean 01-2003

Pirates of the Caribbean - With Capt Jack

Tiki Birds

Tiki Birds Old Show



20,000 Leagues

20,000 demo walls up 04-24-2004

Mr Toad's Wild Ride

Peter Pan

Skyway clip

Snow White



Big Thunder at night

Big Thunder broke down

Big Thunder - Inside the mountain

Big Thunder David & Sabrina

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 01-2003

Brer Rabbit broken

Country Bear Jamboree

Diamond Horseshoe Can Can Girls

Hey Howdy Hey Diamond Horseshoe Theater


Liberty Square

Dear Sweet Leota WDW

Liberty Square Part One by Martin Smith

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion Lightning and Thunder effects


Main Street

DreamLights Castle Christmas Light Celebration

Fireworks Grand Finale MK

Here come the Trolley's

Main Street During Christmas 2004

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas parade 2006

Opening Ceremony at the Magic Kingdom


Very Merry Christmas party Clips 2006

Walt Disney World Railroad


Mickey's Toon Town

Goofy's Barnstormer 01-2003



Alien Encounter

Buzz Lightyear 01-2003

Carousel Of Progress

Carousel Of Progress - Extinct Version by Martin


Sonny Eclipse

Space Mountain (External View with lights on)

Space Mountain Sign Mistake & Fix

Space Mountain 01-2003

Space Mountain WDW Lights On

Tomorrowland Globe





Future World

Barrel Test Epcot

Body Wars 03-2003

Journey into your Imagination 01-2003

Living with the Land

Mission Space

Mission Space Revolving World

Mission Space walk around 05-16-2003

Mission Space walk around 03-08-2003 Epcot


Spaceship Earth Exit 04-24-2004

Spaceship Earth

Test Track

Test Track External View

Test Track garage area

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Turtle Talk with Crush

Universe of Energy (Ride Part)


World Showcase

American Adventure

EL Rio Del Tiempo Mexico 03-2003

Maelstrom Norway 03-2003

Maelstrom - Norway (updated)




Disney Studios

Animation Courtyard



MuppetVision 3D

Osborn's Spectacle of Dancing Lights Disney/MGM Studios

Star Tours 03-2003

Star Wars Weekends - Jedi Training


Echo Lake


Hollywood Boulevard

The Great Movie Ride


Mickey Avenue

Millionaire Play It 03-2003


Pixar Place


Sunset Boulevard

Rockin Rollercoaster 03-2003

Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror Tribute by Martin




Animal Kingdom




Everest Construction

Expedition Everest (from digital camera)

Yeti In Slow Motion


Camp Minnie-Mickey



Dinosaur 01-2003

Lucky the Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom

Nemo the Musical


Discovery Island



Palm Tree @ AK


Rafiki's Planet Watch

Talking Trash Can AK




The Resorts/Misc

75 Inspearations Clips

Admiral Joe Fowler - coming back from dry dock area 06-29-2007

Contemporary DVC Construction 06-13-2007

Cyber Space Mountain in action at Disney Quest

Epcot The old future

Epcot from Monorail 04-24-2004

Grand Floridian Before Frances

   Grand Floridian Frances

Magic Kingdom from on top of the Contemporary

Mickey & Friends Christmas Clip Epcot


Monorail Contemporary

Monorail Epcot 08-21-2004

Monorail Epcot 09-11-2004

Monorail from 11th floor of Contemporary

Monorail Flyby

Monorail into the Contemporary 06-13-2007

Monorails passing by

Monorail thru the Contemporary 06-13-2007

Resort Boat interior clip

Toy Train at Contemporary

Water Bridge near the Contemporary

Wilderness Frances 09-2004

Wishes from the Contemporary Resort

Wishes Clips from the Grand Floridian




Disneyland, CA


Haunted Mansion Re-Imagined WDW

Disneyland's Remember... Dreams Come True Fireworks

Disneyland's Snow White's Scary Adventures

Disneyland's Alice in Wonderland

Disneyland's Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Disneyland's Pinocchio's Daring Journey

Disneyland's Casey Jr. Circus Train

Disneyland's California Screamin'

Disneyland's Monsters' Inc

Disneyland's Francis' Ladybug Boogie

Disneyland's Heimlich's Chew Chew Train

Disneyland's Monorail

Disneyland's Tinkerbell Flight




Universal Studios




Dudley Do Right


Back to the Future

Jurassic Park




Busch gardens

Busch Gardens Statue

Busch Gardens Rhino Rally - River Part

Busch Gardens Sheikra - External Shots





Clips of Kraken - Sea World



New Walt Disney World Pages





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