Heidi and Scott

                                                                                                                        the past and present become our future........


Heidi & Scott - Married 01-23-2010

Palo's - Disney Wonder Cruise 04-2009


Savannah, Georgia 08-2008



Everyday we are together I love you more,
Everyday we are apart I love you even more.
Every time we hold each other I feel loved,
Every time I think of holding you I feel loved even more.
Every time I miss you, time passes to slow,
Every time I see you, I want time to stop.


I love you Heidi






by Ara John Movsesian

I smile whenever I recall

The special moments we have had;

Walking always hand in hand

Through the good times and the bad.

Sometimes, I think it is a dream --

The love you give me could not be;

But then when you are in my arms

There's no mistake in its purity.

Whether I'm with you or far away,

My thoughts are always drawn to you

Like a compass needle pointing North

To a love much more than true.

Of all the people on this Earth --

How lucky can a person be;

To have found the likes of you, my love,

With whom to share eternity!






I love you sweetheart

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Jamie Mike Christy Heidi Susan Scott and Bill up front at the Polynesian Resort 2009

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