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Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground is a resort which is located in Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida and is one of the resorts in the Magic Kingdom Area of Walt Disney World. The resort officially opened on November 19, 1971, just weeks after the Walt Disney World Resort opened to the public.

Fort Wilderness is designed with a rustic theme with tree-lined winding roads which loop around to the various regions. Part of the resort is filled with campsites, where visitors with tents or Recreational Vehicles can stay. The remainder of the lodging area is filled with cabins, which are designed to look like log cabins. The interior of the cabins is simple, designed to evoke the feeling of a simple forest lodge.

The resort also includes two dinner shows, the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue and Mickey's Backyard BBQ, and a buffet, the Trail's End Restaurant, as well as other activities, such as fishing and horseback riding.

There's also a playground and a swimming pool. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)




Many years ago they used to have their own steam locomotive system. Here you can see pictures, video, and some history about it.

I remember the train back when I was a child going to River Country.

Click above for my tribute page for

Click here to see the Video of the Fort Wilderness Steam Train

One of the trains they used to have at the campground

Click here to see all of the FWRR images

Resort facts


  • Category: Value (Campsites)/Moderate (Cabins)

  • Theme: Rustic Woods Camping

  • Location: Magic Kingdom Resort Area

  • Opened: November 19, 1971

  • Areas: Campsites and Cabins

  • Rooms: 784 Campsites and 409 Cabins



Horseback Riding

Guided Trail Ride, Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground

Walt Disney World guests both those staying at a Walt Disney World Resort and those visiting for the day are invited to enjoy a 45-minute guided trail ride through the natural beauty of Fort Wilderness Campgrounds & Resort. This trail ride is a walking paced ride, which is fine for beginners. Up to twenty riders per adventure will join two Walt Disney World cast members several times a day on this relaxing and enjoyable ride.

Guests are asked to arrive thirty minutes prior to departure during which they are introduced to their horses given a few rules of the trail before setting out. Departure is from Fort Wilderness Trailblaze Corral at Tri-Circle D Livery. This is located at Fort Wilderness Campground guests services.

All trail ride descriptions and price information subject to change. Call Walt Disney World directly to confirm details.
Reservation are required and can be made up to two weeks in advance For reservation or more information call
(407) 824-2832

Some Things To Know Before You Go

Rides offered daily at 8:30 am, 10 am, 11:30 am, 1:00 pm, 2:30 pm, and 4:00 pm

Ride times may vary seasonally

Cancellation of rides may occur due to inclement weather.

Rides must be 9 years of age or older

Maximum weight of 250 pounds per rider

No double riders permitted

Suggestions for comfort and safety include

Hats not recommended except for baseball style caps

Cameras and pocketbooks not recommended to be carried during the ride

Shoes must be worn with open toe or high heels not recommended
Long trousers are recommended


River Country

One of the main attractions of Fort Wilderness was River Country. A small water park within the campgrounds. This water park has been closed for a number of years now and will probably never be rebuilt. One of the main reasons is that the main "watering hole" you swam in was fed by Bay Lake. Florida, among other Southern states, have been plagued by a water born Amoeba for a number of years now and our lakes are not safe to swim in.

I will be adding a page including pictures, video, and information about this wonderful little water park that is no more, just follow this link

River Country





The Walt Disney Resorts (more coming)




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