Big Thunder Break Down 12-06-2003

"Dead Stop Mountain"

This is the lift hill we were stuck on. Another train that we could see was near the last curve of the ride.

At 4:25 everything was fine, then the first stop right before the waterfall. We were there only a couple minutes. The ride continues.

At 4:25 we stopped for good. We heard them tell us to stay in the trains of course. Then we heard them tell the other guests on line that the ride is now closed and start exiting the lines.

This was the first time I have been on Big Thunder when they ever had a problem and I have rode it hundreds of times since it opened.

Louie and Andy off the train.

This and the next couple pictures were shot at 4:38 PM

Nicklaus was a little worried what was going on but you cant tell by this picture.

Louie, Andy and myself just waiting.

Here we go down the lifthill.

A shot of the chain from the lift hill. This also was taken at 4:38 Had to take them quick. Moving down the stairs quickly.

At 4:39 we are down the lift hill and crossing the track into the mountain itself now. Lots of machines and pipes and stuff.

Could not take any pictures. Got a little video though using the digital camera.

Here is the train we were on stuck in the same place during the parade a half hour later.


A close up.

And while we were finally walking out the exit we noticed them checking out the last train. You can see our train on the lift hill behind them.

And a little souvenir of the track wood. hahahha


Even though we were trapped on the train for 10 or 15 minutes and didn't get to finish the ride it was an exiting few minutes.

They were nice enough to give us a fastpass to use again later.

If this happens to you please watch your step. I almost slipped on the stairs, and so did others. It is hard to make it look like a mountain but make it safe to walk on it.

Thanks for the excitement Disney!!!

Here are the two little video clips I took. They are not the best since I used my digital camera. This are low res also.

From the Lift Hill

Inside the Mountain

And here is a third video clip from Louie's camera

The Lift Hill

Excuse the moving of the camera so much. Had it down so I would not have to turn it off.

Hope you enjoy.

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